Hear what some of our happy clients have to say of Delphine's coaching:


KC, Teenage boy aged 16 (Singapore)

"Delphine's coaching helped me through a period where I couldn't find a purpose in my daily life and had no incentive or motivation to do anything, simply going with whatever came my way.  She guided me not by leading, but by showing me the paths that I could take, always leaving the final choice to me.  Thanks to her, I started finding meaning in the things I do, contributing to the person I am today.

CK, Early 20s, Male undergraduate (Who makes it to the Dean's List in 2019, Singapore)

"Without Delphine's help, I don't think I could be where I am today. ​Last year I was overworked and constantly at odds with my lecturers in school. I was sleeping 3 hours a night on average, and during busy periods, it was cut short to a mere 30 minutes. For a long time, I was unhappy and unclear about what it was that I really wanted and needed in my life. Come Delphine's intervention, I slowly began to work out what was stopping me from living the way I wanted to. Interestingly enough, she never spelled it out for me, she simply guided my tangle of thoughts to their source.

Through the techniques and guidance she has offered, I am empowered to control my thoughts and habits. I no longer self-destruct like I used to, having finally understood that I don't have to treat myself unkindly in order to push my limits and accomplish my goals.

SS Ong, Working mother of three (Singapore)
"One on one, Delphine's warmth quickly put me at ease.  I had been struggling with various issues with my son and she was able to help me understand him better and identify the root cause which was key on helping us both move forward towards healing our relationship.  Thank you, Delphine!"

L Tan, Working mother of five (Singapore)

​​"I had been stuck in a rut with regards to how I communicated with my husband and children. There were certain negative patterns I had allowed myself to fall into. With Delphine’s help, I learnt to be mindful of my facial expressions and tone when expressing a concern with my loved ones. I was reminded to consider if what I said would be helpful, even though it was the truth. With every improvement I made, Delphine cheered me on enthusiastically, truly like a coach. I am certainly in a better place now, being kinder to myself and in turn, kinder to others. Though my husband and I still have our loud disputes, they are few and far between. Through practice, I am also learning to give my children space. All thanks to Delphine for nudging me in the right direction!"


TL, Professional working woman in early 30s (USA)

"Delphine is living and breathing in her calling as a coach. I know because I’ve experienced her coaching, and continue to draw strength from it. I’m blooming because of the soulful space that she has supported me in. I’m blooming because her perceptiveness reached deep into the roots of me. Her nature of sincerity, creativity, wisdom, and encouragement served as nourishment that carried me when my personal challenges seemed too difficult to overcome. Yet, she stood beside me as I developed the courage to stand tall on my own - blooming confidently into the flower I am."

S Khalid, Professional working woman in early 30s (Dubai)

"Thoroughly benefited from Delphine’s coaching. She opened my eyes to parts of me that were hidden and gave me new direction."


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