• Have you been feeling unmotivated?

  • Feeling lost? Confused? Unsure where you are heading?

  • Unable to focus on your study?

  • Unsure how to cope with school pressure?

  • Finding it hard to resist peer pressure?

  • Having difficulty finding your self-identify and purpose?

  • Wondering whether you are normal?

  • Questioning why bother about having goals?

  • Feeling fearful and uncertain of what lies ahead?

  • Having a low level of self-confidence?

  • Not knowing how to deal with mistakes, problems, disappointments and setbacks?


  • Have you been feeling clueless and helpless?

  • Unsure how to communicate and connect with your kids?

  • Not knowing how to support your children? 

  • Struggling to engage your children?

  • Questioning and second guessing yourself always?

  • Hoping to be less reactive but more reflective and responsive towards your children?

  • Wanting to maintain balance in the way you parent?

  • Looking to build a more open and positive attitude toward your kids?

  • Desiring to encourage age-appropriate independence and resilience in your children?

​​If you have answered "yes" to at least 3 of the above questions, let us support you with our coaching services!



Teenagers and young people between the ages of 12 – 25 who want to:

  • Develop confidence and self-esteem;

  • Establish and communicate your sense of self;

  • Gain clarity on where you are heading;  

  • Self-motivate to achieve your goals;

  • Manage stress, pressures and expectations and build up your resilience;

  • Establish new empowering self-beliefs;

  • Cultivate positive habits and behaviours.


Parents who want to:

  • Engage your children in a more open and respectful manner;

  • Create a more harmonious and positive family environment;

  • Build a more loving and connected relationship with your children;

  • Nurture your children to become emotionally responsive and resilient;

  • Change your fear-based parenting mindset to a reflective parenting mindset;

  • Gain confidence as parents and enjoy parenthood.


Our coaching service is evidence-based, practical yet nurturing.  We create a safe and calm environment to help you process and clarify your thoughts; and provide you with deep insights.  We employ various assessments to help identify your personality, traits and interests.  We customize our approach using a combination of tools, exercises and techniques to suit your preferred learning style (visual, verbal, kinesthetic, for example) and match your needs.   We work in partnership with you on enhancing your individual strengths and virtues, in alignment with your interests and talents, attaining your goals and life’s fulfillment.


We offer coaching services for teens, youths and parents.  Our approach is evidence-based, practical yet nurturing, customized to meet each individual's preferred learning style and needs. 


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