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BEING A HAPPY TEEN - Happy Teens, Happy Families
Held on 2 Jul 2016 in Singapore, Julie and Andrew Matthews captivated and inspired the audience of close to 500 people consisting of parents, teens and tweens with
their powerful messages and entertaining cartoons.


  • Andrew's talk is very inspiring as he teaches us how to be happy and helps me understand the topics better with his drawings.  Julie shared with us some cases of bullying and what it led to and I feel sad for the people who are being bullied.  I also learnt that bullying happens not just to teenagers but also to people of any age. - S Tan, 11 year-old girl

  • I learn a lot, he's very encouraging and shared many life lessons.  I could put them into use. - A Kwek, 11 year-old boy.

  • Andrew and Julie are fantastic speakers who are very inspiring!  The seminar was extremely motivating and uplifting.  I am very happy that my children were fully engaged during the seminar and have gained so much from their words of wisdom. - Florence Lai, attended the seminar with her daughters aged 11 and 12.

  • Andrew is the most inspiring and entertaining speaker.  "A picture paints a thousand words", this idiom indeed summarized my experience at Andrew Matthews's seminar. I have never been in a seminar that was peppered with humor, great illustration and yet inspirational all at the same time. I first encountered Andrew 30 years ago when I was a teen. His first book "Being Happy" gave me confidence, security and taught me to be happy in any kind of situation. Today, I'm back again, but as a mother, hoping my kids will benefit from "Being a happy teen" and become a happy adult.  - Priscilla Liu, attended with her 14 year old daughter.

  • The seminar was great!  I especially liked the way Andrew used cartoon drawings to deliver his points.  My girls enjoyed the session.  I believe the seeds have been planted, just waiting for them to grow in their own time. - Michelle Anne Koh, Ahuva Good Shepherd, attended the event with girls aged between 13 and 16.

  • Both Andrew & Julie are great presenters. I find the talk useful for me as a parent.  My son finds today's talk very interesting too. - Hadi B, attended the seminar with his 13 year-old son.

  • It was an enriching seminar.  My gal loved it.  - Sherlene Wong, attended the seminar with her 9 year-old daughter.

  • Thanks for making this seminar happen.  We parents and child enjoyed Andrew's sharing. - Christina Ng, attended with husband and her 11 year-old son.​​

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