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Hear what some of our happy clients / participants have to say of Delphine's seminars and talks:


The Family Life Ministry in Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Church approached Delphine to conduct a talk/workshop on teens issues. Delphine chose the topic on Teen Resilience which was a topic that resonated well with the families. We had an unprecedented strong interest with more than 100 parents and teens signed up. The talk which Delphine conducted in OLPS on July 20 was a hit! Delphine did a nice job blending the ice breakers, multimedia, interactive activities and personal sharing to keep the participants engaged and captivated. Delphine was authentic and shared her struggles as a parent of teens herself. Her key messages came across well and easy to understand even for the pre-teens. We received numerous positive feedback from the parents and teens. I highly recommend Delphine as a speaker on this topic.

Alex Budiman

Family Life Ministry chairperson

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Church

Delphine, thank you so much for an awesome, touching talk last night. - Juliana

There is only one word awesome. The speakers are so truthful to share, and we learn a lot. We really look forward for your next talk. Hope you​r team will reach out to all churches and school​s​. - Grace Foo


Definitely enjoyed the seminar ... my husband said... 'w​h​at a great n fulfilling sat morning! I saw him secretly taking notes during e seminar. - Constance


Hi Delphine, thank you for organizing the seminar & bringing in inspiring speaker Yossi & good panel of people, including Dany & yourself to share your knowledge & experiences & it motivated & helped me very much. Look forward to your future events - Victor


Thank you very much Delphine and Team for staging the Resilient Teens, Resilient Families. My teenage son and I were truly blessed by the wisdom, humility and courage of the speakers. I cried on many occasions with the touching sharing of Yossi, May and Bong, and the rest of the panelists and moderators.  It was a powerful seminar which I believe will have a lasting impact to all the participants. - Leslie Panares​


Thank ​you for ​organizing today's seminar... t​h​ink it was very successful as it has touched many of us parents as well as our girls. - Gladys


Hi Delphine! the talk was way more insightful than I was expecting. It blows the channel news asia forum I had in school out of the water. Today's theme was nice and focused and there were so many speakers and they were pretty good speakers too. Congrats! nice work on stage too. I'm pretty happy that I attended, I think it opened me up to some new thoughts I never had before.  Thaddeus Koh


Thank you, Delphine. A rare and very Blessed opportunity today. Wish more families including teens could have benefited. Yossi is a God-sent and there are so many takeaways for us all. To have deeper conversations and engagements and to help our children develop self-esteem over confidence.  Thank God for all the life-giving speakers / panel members and thank God for you. - Yvonne & Kelvin


Thank you for organising this very thought provoking and inspiring session. Very, very good mix of speakers. Wonderful sharing by all, Delphine. - Marjorie


Oh wow!! I was very inspired by Yossi. Really like his story!! Thank you for organising! Will definitely go again if there is more!! Thank you. - Angela


Thanks for organising the event. The panel speakers were well chosen. I really enjoyed the first panel. All spoke their minds and expressed their thoughts eloquently. - Dr Ang YG


I was inspired, moved, touched by the various speakers/presenters; the advice n tips were timely too. Thanks Delphine. - Stefanie


Hi Delphine, very inspiring workshop. – Selina


Hi Delphine, thanks for inviting me to be part of this amazing event! I am humbled & inspired by your faith, love and dedication for a great movement to uplift, inspire & transform lives of many. - Kui Peng

I have benefited so much from the Talk. Everything that I heard was what I needed to hear. I want to praise your fantastic ability to put up a powerful Talk to help so many people. - Lidia


I found the seminar very inspiring and I think it made some impact on my nephew. I look forward to going for the talk with the doctor:) keep me posted. Thanks. - Kenneth


​T​hank you for the gathering of so many powerful personalities with so much life stories to share. They are simply so brave to be naked in front of us. A very heavy Saturday morning but lots of life lessons and reflections to take away. Thank you so much for your commitment to family wellness. Mine is just input. Yours is action. That is a big gift to us all already!  God bless you and the work you do Delphine!! - Jennifer Chan

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