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A Global Leader in Resilience, Impacting Our Next Generation Through Empowering Youth Influencers.


I Am Committed to Developing  and Transforming Youth to Become World Changers.



I believe in being real and true, showing up just as I am and holding fast to my personal integrity.


I believe in doing good and making a difference wherever I am.



I believe in building bridges and connecting with people on a deep level, allowing the experience of self and others.


I believe in using power as a positive influence to impact the world for the greatest good of humanity.


I believe in exploring the uncharted and daring the impossible with a sense of wonder, freedom, courage and spontaneity.




Hi, I am Delphine.  My passion, my calling is about empowering and challenging teens and young people to “bloom where they are” – to discover who they really are, what they really want, what really inspire them and where they really want to go.

Certified as a Youth Mentor Coach and Youth Leadership Coach with the Youth Coaching Institute, I have become increasingly involved in working with teens and youths, having actively facilitated programs and given talks on Resilience in schools.  I have also been invited to present to parents on positive parenting.  In Jul 2016, I created and organized the seminar on BEING A HAPPY TEEN – Happy Teens, Happy Families with Julie and Andrews Matthews, international best-selling authors and speakers.  The event was highly successful, attracting about 500 parents and teens.  In Mar 2018, Delphine created another inspiring and powerful seminar - RESILIENT TEENS, RESILIENT FAMILIES with Yossi Ghinsberg, international best-selling author of Jungle based on his true-life story of being lost alone in the Amazon for 20 days.  His story has been made into a movie starring Daniel Redcliff as Yossi.


Serving youth and youth influencers is a mission I feel called to take on due to my own personal struggles as a mother.  I am a mother of four, (three teenagers and a new baby girl born in Feb 2020), I fully understand the agony, the guilt and helplessness as a parent raising my children.  I also feel the pain in my teenage children seeing how they 'desperately' fight to find their footing in their world facing tumultuous school work pressure, social pressure and relationship challenges.  My heartfelt compassion and passion moves me to reach out and support teenagers and parents, inspiring hope, building burnt bridges and empowering individuals to: 

  • Turn growing pains into Growing Gains;

  • Go from a place of helplessness to a place of Empowerment;

  • Move from failures to Growth (for the individuals and the family);

  • Go from getting stuck in obstacles and problems to exploring Possibilities and Opportunities;

  • Shift from a space of conflict to a space of Partnership;

  • Turn 'battle' scars into Badges of Honour;

  • Change focus on weaknesses and negative traits to Strengths and Virtues.

I hold a Bachelor of Degree in Business Studies from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and a certification in Education Psychology.  I am constantly learning and upgrading myself as I strongly believe in a growth mindset.  I am certified as a Brain Health Coach with Amen Clinic.


An entrepreneur whose story has been published by McGraw & Hill, I have more than 20 years' experience in designing, developing and organizing training programs, conferences and seminars. Since 1995, I have designed and organized as many as 200 over events in Asia and Middle East, bringing people to learn, grow, develop and connect. I am the creator of the signature program, ARAB LEADERSHIP FORUM for the Young Arab Leaders, Bahrain Chapter in 2008, 2010 and 2011.  Having worked with many renowned speakers and corporate clients across various industry sectors worldwide, I have accumulated a wealth of experience and understanding of working with people from diverse cultures.  Due to COVID 19 pandemic, I have pivoted to create global virtual events (such as the Global Challenge for Mothers and virtual Retreats for Women) to reach a wider audience and create a greater impact. 


In May 2016, I took up the role as a Director serving an NGO that focuses on improving the well-being of the underprivileged children and women in SE Asia. In Sep 2020, I started co-hosting the podcast "A Mama's Journey".  I am  the author of "A Mama's Diary: 7 Lessons from My Kids" and co-author of Amazon bestseller, "Undefeated: Moving from Ordinary to Extraordinary"

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